The National Costume Challenge

The National Costume is the outfit, in which you present and represent your country. A typical national costume showcases a country's culture and traditions, often in very creative ways. A National Costume can be very complex and colorful, hence there are no limitations on what you can do.


  • Please refrain from religious motives and hints other than from ancient cultures.
  • Please refrain from political messages of any sort.
  • There's no color limitation or requirement for the National Costume challenge.


  • Poses: Please prepare a default pose, a walking animation and a pose set for about 40-60 seconds.
  • Please keep in mind, it is possible that we are going to keep you some time longer on the runway, in which you need to remain with your default pose.
  • A 360° turn is not mandatory for the National Costume challenge.


  • Write in your styling description why you are representing your country and what your country is special for, for you and for everyone and how your outfit represents your country.
  • Please add a typical greeting in the common or official language of your country, i.e. "Guten Abend" or "Bonsoir".
  • Please limit your styling description to 100 words max.
  • The word limit above does not apply to your styling credits.
  • If you write the part of description with the credits yourself, the entire styling description (incl. credits) may not exceed 150 words.
  • The description must be sent within our set deadlines. See the "Sequence of Events" for the exact days and times of the deadlines.