Can I choose any country to represent?

Can I choose any country to represent?

No, it is not that easy.  In Second Life pageants it happens, that two or more candidates are from the same country. Therefore, the countries will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. To make sure that all candidates have the same fair chance, we will give the link and the password for a form, in a meeting after the audition. The candidates need to fill the form with three countries they would like to represent in the pageant. The assignment of the countries will be done according to the time stamps the form is recording:

- If a candidate's first country choice is not taken from another candidate earlier yet, they will be assigned to their first country.

- If a candidate's first country choice is taken already, they automatically will be assigned to the second country.

- If a candidate's second country choice is taken already too, they will be assigned to their third country.

In most cases the candidates receive their first or second country choice, rarely it's the third country. It is very rare, that a candidate would be asked to provide a fourth country choice.

If a candidate leaves the competition before the first runway challenge takes place, their assigned country title is revoked and may get assigned to another candidate. The first come, first serve rule applies again, by taking the previous conducted country selection through the candidates as basis for the assignment. If no other candidate has chosen the country, it is up for choice until the first runway challenge takes place.

Country titles are locked once the first runway challenge took place.

Additionally, country titles cannot get transfered to alternate accounts, they are assigned to the competing account, the one who originally applied, only.

ATTENTION: MISS SL Organization provides a list of countries that are eligible to be chosen by the candidate. This list is in compliance with the list of acknowledged souverain nations, orderly represented in the General Assembly of the United Nations, at the year the pageant takes place. It is not possible to choose an observer state or a state that is partially (un-)recognized by the United Nations.