In every year's AVISTARS pageant we are choosing another major city or location to be the "host" for the AVISTARS's pageant Grand Finale. This year, for the Grand Finale of the AVISTARS ♛ 2021 pageant we are traveling to Hollywood, the city where dreams are made.

Hollywood is the intersection where the American dream and magic of the cinema meet and indisputably the top spot for parties and a major center for Los Angeles nightlife. Around 50 million tourists come to Hollywood every year, gathering to spot the one or other celebrity and to immerse in the buzz of the busy Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards.

In the city where dreams are made everyone can become everything, it's the literal American dream to raise from a dishwasher to be among the most celebrated stars of the globe. For our city challenge in the AVISTARS ♛  2021 pageant, we want to know who you are, if you go to Hollywood, what are your dreams?

Please decide if you want to be a tourist, who is exploring the film studios and on the hunt to spot celebrities, or have you started a career as a film star, producer, model, or do you have other ideas what you would be doing in Hollywood? Please think of a place in Hollywood and a situation, i.e. a studio tour, a film premier you can style for.


  • Please style an outfit for being a tourist, film star, model, producer or whichever profession you would want to have while you are in Hollywood, for a situation you can choose freely. You can choose to just visit Hollywood or to actually live and work in Hollywood. The situation you choose to style for needs to take place in Hollywood and should be at an actual location or event.
  • You should style appropriately for the situation and profession you chose. I.e. a tourist will look like a tourist, even if they gather around a film festival to spot a celebrity. You also can style as a film star who just goes to the recording of the scene of their life they hope to get an award for or you could be the serious dressed up producer, who's stressing to get his film set into the place. The possibilities are endless... because Hollywood is where dreams are made... and get smashed too. You choose.
  • Your outfit should be for the approaching autumn season and for an outdoor situation.
  • The clothing in your outfit should contain at least one color which is listed with the New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2021/2022 - Fashion color trend report, except for the core classics at the bottom of the report.
  • Hairs, makeup, tattoos, nails, shoes and other accessoires do not apply to the above color requirement, only clothes you are wearing.
  • Your choice of accessoires should reflect the situation you chose, i.e. a tourist could have a photo camera, luggage etc while a film producer would maybe have a notepad and coffee. 
  • Please do not overdo with accessoires, i.e. you should not carry whole props with your avatar. If you are unsure what this means, please ask us. 


  • Please prepare a default pose, a walking animation and a pose set for about 40-60 seconds.
  • A 360° turn with your poses is required for this challenge and is subject for scoring.


  • Please write in your description what you are doing in Hollywood and for which situation you have styled the outfit for. 
  • Please limit your description to 100 words max.
  • The description must be sent within our set deadlines. See the "Sequence of Events" for the exact days and times of the deadlines.