What prizes can we win?

What prizes can we win?

All competitions held by MISS SL Organization are non-profit and aim to be educational experiences for the participants. Therefore we are not handing any prizes to winners.

Every finalist, who's participated the Grand Finale of a competition, is awarded with the acknowledgement of the title, they have competed with.

The winners and runners up of a competition are invited to have representative and administrative positions within MISS SL Organization, depending on their abilities and interests. They are also presented with official photographs and various offers of jewelry from our patrons.

The top ranked from a competition may receive an invitation to MISS SL Agency. These invitations are done solely at our discretion.

Additionally we may issue scholarships for MISS SL Academy and partnered educational institutions to finalists of a competition, at our discretion.

Generally, if you are looking to win money, giftcards or other item prizes, we may suggest you to apply for one of the many contests held by brands and other organizations.