The Title Costume Challenge

The Title Costume is the outfit, in which you present and represent your title.


A typical Title Costume to represent a country showcases a country's culture and traditions, often in very creative ways. A Title Costume can be very complex and colorful, hence there are no limitations on what you can do.


For a title costume, TWEENSTARS and YOUNGSTARS will need to create an outfit that represents their given title. By the nature of the TWEENSTAR and YOUNGSTAR titles, the outfit can display a popular figure that is known from the title or a lesser, unknown, even invented figure. It is important that the outfit and accessories are actually identifiable to represent your title (i.e. Harry Potter for Hogwarts doesn't use a mobile but is known to wear glasses), so it's important that your research is thoroughly and based on details of the fictional place you are representing.



  • Please refrain from religious motives and hints other than from ancient cultures.
  • Please refrain from political messages of any sort.
  • There's no color limitation or requirement for the Title Costume challenge.


  • Poses: Please prepare a default pose, a walking animation and a pose set for about 40-60 seconds.
  • Please keep in mind, it is possible that we are going to keep you some time longer on the runway, in which you should cycle through your poses or remain in your default pose (i.e. to stand for your anthem).
  • A 360° turn is not mandatory for the Title Costume challenge.


  • In your styling description describe please, why you are representing your country / fictional place and what your country / fictional place is special for, for you and for everyone. The TWEENSTARS and YOUNGSTARS can write about the character(s) they are depicting too. The AVISTARS should add a typical greeting in the common or official language of their country, i.e. Hello everyone, to begin of their description!
  • Please limit your styling description to 150 words max.
  • The description must be sent within our set deadlines. See the Sequence of Events for the exact days and times of the deadlines.