The Victoria Secret Challenge

For the Victoria Secret Challenge, you will be provided with the Cyber Idol set by Gabriel. This ensemble comprises a bra, skirt, bangles, boots, and wings. It is compulsory to use the bra and skirt in your outfit. While the inclusion of bangles, boots, and wings are optional, we strongly encourage you to consider integrating them into your ensemble as you deem suitable.

Being a Victoria's Secret model is all about radiating confidence, grace, and sensuality. To portray this essence in the MISS SL ♛ 2023 pageant, focus on displaying impeccable style, captivating runway presence, and showcasing your unique personality through your avatar. Pay attention to your movements, carefully select your accessoires, and connect genuinely with the audience. Embrace your inner confidence, embody the allure, and let your presence shine brightly as you embody the spirit of a Victoria's Secret model.


Please create an ensemble using the provided Cyber Idol Set. It is mandatory to incorporate the skirt and the bra into your outfit. However, the bangles, boots, and wings are optional components that you may choose to include. We suggest considering these accessories to enhance your personal style. It is important to refrain from concealing the provided items with items from other creators. While wings are not obligatory for this challenge, they generally receive positive feedback from the judges.


Please ensure you have these three key elements for your performance: a default pose, a walking animation, and a pose set that lasts about 90 seconds. It is crucial that these poses exude seduction, fierceness, and demonstrate your enjoyment on the runway. Additionally, incorporate a 360° turn within your posing sequence, as it will be evaluated and scored for this particular challenge.


In your styling description, kindly express how the Cyber Idol Set by Gabriel served as your inspiration for your styling. Our objective is to showcase the empowerment and confidence of women, extending beyond the confines of the runway. Please limit this description to 100 words or less and submit it by one of the specified deadlines listed in the "Sequence of Events."