Code of Conduct


This is the code of conduct, applying to all models in MISS SL  Agency.

Please read the articles below and then fill the form here.

I. Identity:

  1. We are asking you to show our group in your profile and to mention that you are a model for MISS SL  Agency in your modeling resume.
  2. We'd like to showcase every model on our website. We request from you to send to us:
  • A profile picture, which is at least 1024x1024 pixels big, in jpg pr png format.
  • Your email address, ideally one which is checked on a regular basis.
  • Your blog link - Wordpress, Bloggers, WIX or Tumblr (if applicable).
  • Your social network links, including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram (if applicable).


II. Membership:

  1. You are required to sign up for two (2) of our announced shows within 12 months, with the prior posted model calls.
  2. Signing up for an announced show counts towards the requirement of having signed up twice within 12 months, independent if you were selected for the show you have signed up for, or not.
  3. We ask you to communicate a longer term of absence, of 4 weeks or longer, per email, IM or notecard.
  4. The communication about a longer term of absence does not excuse you from the requirement to sign up for two announced shows within 12 months, unless an exception was granted to you.
  5. Models who fail to sign up for at least two (2) of our announced shows within 12 months, will get contacted by email and notecard and are expected to reply and to explain their absence within 2 weeks after the email and notecard were sent. 
  6. Models who fail to reply within the two weeks to said email or notecard will get removed from the MISS SL  Agency without further explanation.
  7. If you were removed from MISS SL  Agency for any reason, you cannot request or apply to get added back to the MISS SL  Agency.


III. Modeling:

  1. You are expected you to keep your avatar, your style and your poses and walking animations up to date at all times. 
  2. You are expected to style the provided outfits and items in a way that benefits the sponsoring client.
  3. You are expected to know which and how many poses you will need to showcase your given outfits and items in a 40 to 60 seconds lasting pose performance.
  4. You are expected to know how to perform a 360° turn with your poses, without using animations with mocap- or comparable technology.
  5. You are requested to participate in a workshop provided by the MISS SL  Agency management, at least once (1) in two (2) years.


IV. Participation:

  1. If you are selected to participate in a show you have signed up for, you are requested to confirm your participation upon receiving the initial information notecard.
  2. If you cannot participate in a show for which you have signed up and were selected, you are expected to communicate your failure to participate immediately, per email, IM or notecard.
  3. All models, who are selected to participate in a show, are required to participate in one of the scheduled rehearsals.
  4. All models, who are selected to participate in a show, are required to be available for styling- and posing checks through the management, on the day of the rehearsals.


V. Management:

  1. You are requested to recognize the following persons as the responsible accounts for all management tasks in MISS SL  Agency:
  • Marcusgay Lefevre - Owner
  • Rissa Bolissima - CEO
  • Venom Zanzibar - COO
  • Xuro - Sr Executive Assistant
  • RoyaleSun - Executive Assistant


VI. Date of Effect


  1. The MISS SL  Agency - Code of Conduct goes into effect immediately.
  2. Changes and additions to the MISS SL  Agency - Code of Conduct will get posted in the MISS SL  Agency group three (3) days prior to taking effect.