The Victor Secret Challenge

For the Victor Secret Challenge you will receive an outfit by Gabriel. The outfit consists of underwear and a harness. 

Being a "Victor Secret" model means to be sexy, seductive, fierce and having a blast on the runway, be playful and creative with your styling, poses and description. Please understand that 'Victor Secret' is meant as male counterpart of Victoria Secret, though you still need to appear male-ish, masculine - MR SL is not a drag queen competition. 


  • Please style an outfit with the given outfit. You must use both, the underwear and the harness. 
  • Please make sure to not hide the given underwear and harness with other styling elements.
  • Wings are not mandatory but are usually well received by the judges.


  • Poses: Please prepare a default pose, a walking animation and a pose set for about 40-60 seconds. 
  • Remember, the poses should display sexyness, seduction, fierceness and that you have a blast on the runway.
  • Please include a 360° turn in your posing sequence. The 360° turn is subject for scoring for this challenge.


  • In your styling description "sell" the Gabriel outfit by describing "how sexy you feel with it", or how you are seducing someone with it.  
  • Please limit your styling description to 100 words max.
  • The description must be sent within our set deadlines. See the "Sequence of Events" for the exact days and times of the deadlines.