How do I become a model for MISS SL Agency


MISS SL  Agency is the modeling agency housing former and current finalists of the MISS SL, MR SL and AVISTAR competitions.

The agency is by invite only and the invitation issued solely by the discretion of the owner.


Former and current MISS SL, MR SL and AVISTAR finalists:


  • Model calls for upcoming shows are posted in the MISS SL Pageant group.
  • Everyone who is a current or former finalist of the MISS SL, MR SL or AVISTAR competitions may sign up for an upcoming show.
  • We are selecting models based on our clients needs and requirements. We may not be able to select everyone who has signed up for a show.
  • If you are selected to participate in one of the upcoming shows, you will receive an invitation to the MISS SL  Agency group.
  • You may stay in the MISS SL  Agency group after the show you were selected for, but you must adhere to the Code of Conduct for all models in MISS SL  Agency.


Everyone else:


  • We're not inviting models to MISS SL  Agency based on
    • academy certificates.
    • your friends' recommendation.
    • your request to get invited.
  • We are inviting deserved models to MISS SL  Agency, if 
    • we like your styling ideas.
    • we like your posing performances.
    • we like your unique avatar features.
  • Your direct requests to get yourself or a friend invited to MISS SL  Agency are rejected non-verbally and render yourself ineligible to get invited to MISS SL  Agency at any time soon.
  • Model castings or applications for MISS SL  Agency are generally not provided. 
  • In the rare occasion we are opening a casting for the general public, we will publish an invitation in due course prior.




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