Art as Mindfulness

What is Art as Mindfulness?


Art as Mindfulness is a long-term project introduced by MISS SL ♛ 2020, Ella Pavlona, to demonstrate and serve as inspiration about the greater potential of Second Life  art-making and photography. Both of these activities  can be so much more than just aesthetically pleasing. As part of the project, we plan to periodically organize art exhibitions, discussion forums and provide Second Life residents with meaningful art-related activities.

Why does it have to be at Mindful Cove?


Mindful Cove is a region specifically designed to be a “sanctuary” space that everyone can enjoy. With its mission to support emotional and mental wellbeing, it is the perfect place to situate the project. We also strongly believe that the peaceful natural environment, even when it's just on a computer screen, can really calm the mind and promote creativity.

Can I participate?


The two things you'll need are basic knowledge of Second Life photography and the will to do it.

I’m a beginner at photography, can I still do it?

Of course, you can! 

The goal of mindful art creation is to use art to get in touch with your feelings and emotions during the careful planning and production of the picture. In the end, it doesn't matter if you've created a magnificent piece. What's important is the stories from your heart hidden behind each picture, which is more meaningful and valuable than anything in the world.

How do I start?

Everyone has a different approach to making a picture. However, the best advice we can give is to spend more time than you normally do thinking about how you are going to create your image. The most important thing is to figure out what story you want to tell. After that you can figure out the location, the pose, the outfit, down to the smallest detail like "a drop of rain on my eyebrows" with your story in mind.

Keep in mind that the stories you tell do not necessarily need to be entirely about yourself. For instance, it could be anything that comes to your mind or anything you've encountered in your daily life that has an impact on your feelings and emotions. 

Help! I still don't know how to start!

We can help with that. 

Head over to the Mindful Cove sim using the landmark below :

In the community room, you'll find a cat on the table. Just click it, and it will randomly give you ideas on how to start your art!

Where can I share my mindful works with you?

Upload your picture to Flickr and join our group:

Once you are added to the group, you can submit your picture to the group too.

You also can share your the link to your Flickr group in our Discord #show-your-art channel. Please read the #information channel before, to get access to the other channels: