The Formal Gown Challenge

The Formal Gown Challenge is a crucial part of the MISS SL pageant, where finalists howcase their elegance, grace, and style in a formal gown that is appropriate for a high-class event. The Formal Gown is the final outfit worn by the finalists, and it is essential that it is the most glamorous outfit they have ever worn.


When creating your Formal Gown, please ensure that every detail is perfect, and the outfit is tailored to fit you perfectly. Every tiny error could potentially cost you the win. Accessories of all kinds are allowed, but please be careful in choosing them to maintain a classy look.

There are no limitations on the colors you can choose, but please keep the outfit elegant and refined.


For the styling portion of the challenge, please prepare a default pose, a walking animation, and and a pose set that lasts about 90 seconds.. You will remain in your default pose on the stage for the rest of the show, so make sure it is a pose that highlights your outfit.

While a 360° turn is not mandatory, you are encouraged to showcase your outfit from various angles to highlight its details.


In your description, please explain how you would use the MISS SL ♛ 2023 title to make a positive impact on our community if you were to win. Please limit this description to 100 words or less and submit it by one of the specified deadlines listed in the "Sequence of Events."


Remember, your Formal Gown is your final outfit and needs to be the most glamourous and stunning outfit you have ever worn. We can't wait to see what you create!