The Formal Outfit Challenge


The formal outfit is your very final outfit, that you will wear for the MR SL ♛ 2022 pageant. It needs to be "red carpet" appropriate. Be careful with your accessories. Some things you may find to be cool for a formal outfit, may be considered as inappropriate for a formal occasion. Please imagine you are going to the opera, a ball or to a romantic dinner.



  • Traditionally men wear "Black Tie" (means a black bow tie) for upper class formal occasions. You are free to play with colors if you see fit and appropriate, but keep it classy please.
  • Please make sure that your formal outfit is 100% perfect, everything needs to fit and be adjusted. Every tiny little error may cost you the potential win. 
  • Please do not wear a crown. Headpieces are fine. If you are wearing a hat, please find a way in your pose set to take your hat off. 
  • There's no color limitation or requirement for the Formal Outfit challenge.


  • Please prepare a default pose, a walking animation and a pose set for about 40-60 seconds. 
  • Please keep in mind that you will stay with your default pose on the stage for the remainder of the show.
  • A 360° turn is not mandatory for the Formal Outfit challenge.


  • Write in your description why you think you should win the competition, to become MR SL ♛ 2022.
  • Please limit this description to 100 words max.
  • The description must be sent within our set deadlines. See the "Sequence of Events" for the exact days and times of the deadlines.